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Top:  Ms R Hulbert (HT Welfare), Mr R Chand, Ms M Day, Ms A Sanerivi

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Course information

The English program at John Edmondson High School covers the Board of Studies syllabus content areas of - prose fiction, drama, non-fiction film, poetry, and media. Students will develop their skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing and representing through a series of challenging and thought-provoking units. Each unit builds on skills, knowledge, and ideas introduced in the previous stage program.

Studying English at home

As with all subjects that are studied at school, there is work that can be done by the student at home to improve their understanding of the subject. This can be either homework or home study. In English, homework may be a specific task or simply to finish off some class work at home. If a student is not given something more specific to do, then they can still do home study to improve their skills in English. 

This could include:

  • checking that class work is completed thoroughly
  • gluing in all sheets as you go along
  • reading over lesson notes
  • proofreading any writing you have done in class for spelling, punctuation, and grammar
  • highlighting key concepts and important terms
  • writing concepts onto flash cards and writing ideas and details on the back
  • practising English questions or exercises
  • reading daily – this could include novel or short stories. Mrs Kirk in the library can recommend titles of books that may appeal to the interests of each student.


Ideally, students should have an A4 size exercise book as their English workbook. The workbook should be covered and clearly labelled with their name and class. Students should give each piece of work a date and title. Margins should be ruled as they are used by teachers to make any comments or corrections.

All sheets should be glued into the workbook during the course of the unit of work. There should be no graffiti in their workbook. Students should come to class equipped with their own pens, pencils, glue, eraser, and scissors. Liquid paper is banned. Students should bring their diary each day and record any homework, assessment tasks or upcoming tests.

Debating and public speaking

We are always looking for confident, quick thinkers to be a part of the debating team or to enter any speaking competitions. Activities such as these develop a student’s confidence in communicating ideas and points of view to a wide range of people. Good communication skills are a valuable skill to have both at school and later in employment.


Following are some of the links for literature guides and young adult authors: