John Edmondson High School

Virtus et Integritas

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Our sport houses are named after past and present Olympians, representing both swimming and track and field events. Each house has a native bird mascot. Students are allocated to a house based on their surname.

The school does not have a dedicated sports afternoon. Sport is currently integrated as part of the timetable for Years 7 and 8. Year 10 participates in the sport on Monday afternoon, while Year 9 participates on Thursday afternoon.

Students will be involved in a variety of sports both at school and away from school. These will vary from fitness circuit, swimming, ten-pin bowling, ice skating, and Boxercise. It is expected that students participate to be the best of the ability in all these activities.

Within sport, students are given the necessary basic skills to participate successfully. Students enjoy representative opportunities through swimming, cross country and athletics, and can participate in competitive Gala days as part of Bernera Zone.