John Edmondson High School

Virtus et Integritas

Telephone02 9825 9815

Ms C Cleanthous, Ms D Domonici, Ms P Nam, Ms K Hayward (Head Teacher)

Visual arts

Visual art involves an exploration of media areas including drawing, painting, design, collage, mixed media, printmaking, 3D and 4D mediums, murals and mask making. Students will learn about the elements and principles of design and colour theory as well as participate in historical and critical studies of artworks.

Photography digital image

Photography digital image involves learning skills to take exciting photographs and experiment with new styles and techniques. Students learn to handle a digital SLR camera and conventional SLR camera and acquire the ability to use the darkroom to develop film and print photographs using the process of wet photography. Students will develop confidence manipulating images through a wide range of digital media techniques such as scanning, Photoshop, and video editing.

Photography digital media

Photography digital media is a subject that encourages students to develop skills, techniques, processes, and ideas in established and new technologies. The emphasis is on the individual, creative and practical work. Students will be exposed to various forms of computer-generated art (digital art), video art, and photography. Students will learn how to work with cameras and manipulate images on the computer.

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