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Chromebooks, laptops, and tablets are not all the same. They offer different types of software and have different functions. All can be used for:

  • note making, calculation, working with images, audio, and video
  • accessing the cloud and cloud-based applications available through Google Drive, Google Apps For Education, and Microsoft Office 365
  • accessing cloud-based teaching and learning tools such as Canvas, Edmodo, and Microsoft OneNote

The Department of Education (DoE) provides copies of the Adobe Creative Cloud applications and Microsoft Applications at no cost to students. With these applications available on a ‘free of cost’ basis, BYODs become far more economical than they would be if the applications had to be purchased at retail prices. Refer to the BYOD - available software in the appendix section of the JEHS BYOD Handbook (PDF 6.5MB).

Students can also access ‘Google Apps for Education’ for free through their Google Education account, which is linked to the student’s DoE Portal account.

The Adobe applications are currently available for download by students through their portal. Microsoft Windows and Office products are also available from their student portal.

It will make no difference whether students are working with a Chromebook, laptop or tablet as the teaching will be device neutral. Refer to NSWDEC BYOD device neutral activity guide in the appendix section of JEHS BYOD Handbook (PDF 6.5MB) Students will be encouraged to collaborate with others. Teamwork, communication, and sharing will be features of a BYOD setting.


SPSS an IBM Company


VMWare, Inc


Minitab Inc

Thomson Reuters