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Various devices in a range of price categories will meet the device specification. Devices include a Chromebook, laptop, or a tablet.

Chromebooks or tablets may be half the price of larger sized Ultrabooks or laptops. You should carefully consider all your options for purchase or lease. John Edmondson High School’s preferred device is a Chromebook because of its quick start-up, ease of use and lower cost.

Mobile phones or devices with a screen size less than 9.7 inches will not be allowed under the JEHS BYOD program as they do not provide an acceptable screen size for effective learning support..

The device must be able to connect to the 5 GHz - 802.11n standard wireless signal provided by the DEC Wireless infrastructure. Students are not permitted to use a SIM card in the device and are not permitted to use any 3G or 4G connections to connect to the Internet or any applications.  

The device’s battery must last for at least six hours as there are no facilities to charge devices at school. It is also highly recommended to have a physical keyboard and a wireless mouse to make it easier for typing and navigation.

A good quality device should last for a few years. Parents should consider the versatility and the weight of the device they select for their child. Please check the BYOD - device specifications checklist (PDF 705KB) document to ensure the device you purchase will meet the requirements of our network.

We have negotiated with a company called Learning with Technologies, who have set up a BYOD parent portal to assist you in choosing a device. However, you are under no obligation to purchase the device using this service.

Unacceptable devices

A mobile phone is not an acceptable device.