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Locating archive

Steps in the process

  • What do I already know?
  • What do I still need to find out?
  • What sources and equipment can I use?

Information skills

Students should be able to:

  • recall relevant information and skills from previous experience
  • recognise strengths and limitations of current knowledge and decide whether additional information and/or skills are needed
  • limit an investigation to a manageable size
  • identify possible sources (people, organisations, places, print, electronic materials, objects)
  • recognise the relative worth of sources
  • select the best of these sources to use
  • locate sources and appropriate equipment
  • use appropriate equipment
  • record details of sources that are used.

Dewey Decimal System

Online Resources

Dewey Decimal System

Understanding Dewey Classification

Do we really know Dewey? - this explains the Dewey system using an alien analogy

Order in the library - refine you knowledge of Dewey the fun way

Locating Strategies

Librarians internet index

Kids tools for searching the internet

Learn the net - how search engines work

Study search

The best search for your information needs

DiRT - digital research tools

How to choose the best search engine

Online Bookmarks

Delicious - online bookmaking facility. Have your bookmarks available from all computers

Diigo - online bookmarks with a highlighter and snapshot

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People Search

123People - a people search

Pipl - a people search for biographies


Search Engines

Search engine watch


Eyexplorer a graphical search engine with some reliance on Wikipedia

Visuwords - online graphical dictionary and thesaurus

Shahi - combines images with dictionary meanings

Try Wolfram/Alpha for any mathematical requests

For the latest new use 10 x 10

WorldCat world's largest library catalogue

Tag Galaxy - visual image search using Flickr

Soungle - royalty free sound files and effects


Want educational videos, check out Watch Now

Scientific information is available from Scirus

Bubl - uses Dewey Classification to find resources

Calcoolate - great calculator or just do your problem in the Google search box

Grab large images with Google Image Ripper

Study Search - Australian High School students

Kids Click - worlds of web searching, devised by Librarians, this is a kid's search engine

Spezify - missing all media results

Creative Commons

Sweet Search - a search engine for students

Search Cube

Homework Help